#015: Absinthe vs. Zumanity: Which of These Two Las Vegas Shows Should You Choose?

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On this episode of the Vegas 30 Podcast, we give a report of our latest trip to Vegas. Among other things we talked about how our opinion of South Point has changed (hint: it has to do with being over 30), and whether we recommend Absinthe over Zumanity, even though the two shows have very similar elements.

We also discussed how you can tell (without wasting your money on a show) if a show isn’t doing well in Vegas, and why in certain circumstances you should avoid sitting in the front row at a Vegas show.

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Other topics include:

  • [00:02:43.19] How having a beard impacted my acceptance in Vegas
  • [00:04:08.25] Our opinion of South Point and how it changed
  • [00:06:04.09] Why this show is geared for those over 30
  • [00:07:11.16] Factors that impact the importance of sleep
  • [00:10:12.26] What to do if you want to see particular shows in Vegas
  • [00:10:39.00] The only show we planned ahead for on this trip
  • [00:12:53.08] A very cool way to go into a show — if it turns out to be good
  • [00:13:23.06] When you should avoid sitting in the front row
  • [00:15:13.27] Two main things about restaurants and shows in Vegas
  • [00:16:14.03] Something we did for the first time — that we had never done before in Vegas
  • [00:17:34.21] The advantage to doing things on the fly in Vegas
  • [00:17:57.29] How to tell if a show isn’t doing well in Vegas
  • [00:18:35.20] The worst possible place for us to be in line in Vegas
  • [00:21:43.09] Why we’ve intentionally avoided seeing certain shows
  • [00:22:30.01] What we love about New York, New York
  • [00:23:07.17] What almost caused us to walk out of a show
  • And so much more. . .

Items mentioned in this episode:

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Video provided by: AtomicSpark
Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound

  • CK Gordon

    Thanks for the review! Taking the wife to Vegas for her 30th next week, for our first non-work trip, and we bought tix to Absinthe a few weeks ago. Glad to hear it was good!

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