Let’s face it, Vegas is a different place when you’re 35 instead of 21. The four-hour line to get into a club doesn’t seem like the best use of your time anymore. We’re not sure what it is about getting older that changes your brain, but a crowded place is no longer the reason to go, it’s the reason to avoid.

That’s why Scott and Alison started The Vegas 30 podcast, for those of us too old to stand in line at a club but too young to retire to the bingo hall at home. We love Vegas, under the right circumstances.

Both veterans of being Vegas tourists so much that they’re now honorary locals, which means they give other tourists the evil eye :)

Combined, they’ve been to Vegas over 75 times for conferences and conventions, to birthdays and bachelor parties. They’ve been to the places to steer clear of, and cherished the places that are a must-see. And they give it all to you on TheVegas30 podcast every week.